openMosix Project  Instant openMosix Clusters:

Download, Burn an Image, and Boot a Working openMosix Cluster.

This is the collection of openMosix DVD, CD, and Diskette Distributions.   

An instant openMosix cluster is the answer for anyone needing an openMosix cluster and lacking either the time, dedicated hardware, or system administration talent to create a traditional cluster.   

Take a tour and visit these amazing openMosix based distributions from our remarkable openMosix Community.   Be sure to tell the contributors that you use their products.

Featured openMosix Instant Cluster: Classroom booted from Bootable Cluster CD into a distributed computing teaching environment:

Bootable Cluster CD using openMosixview Migration Monitor  Bootable Cluster CD using mosmon (lower right)                    and the Quantian Scientific Computing Environment


the Distributions

A Full openMosix Cluster Knoppix + XFree + openMosixview bootable CD

Wim Vandersmissen's ClusterKnoppix is a full openMosix Cluster + Knoppix + XFree + openMosixview bootable CD which can be a "terminal server" that allows clients to boot over the network by PXE.  
(new, alternate autodiscovery for CHAOS nodes)

Wim's Little Cluster    more Screenshots

  Plus, an article  from Mayank Sharma that includes creation, testing, and HowTo information for using CHAOS drones, openMosixview, and openMosix tools Craft a load-balancing cluster with ClusterKnoppix .

How To Build Your Own Boot CD

Scientific Computing Environment

Dirk Eddelbuettel's Quantian Scientific Computing Cluster is a Scientific Computing Environment based upon ClusterKnoppix.  Provides an instant cluster of mathematical+scientific workstations from a bootable DVD.  Most of the included software packages have a demo-section making Quantian extremely useful for demonstrations. The options are many, including installing into a Windows Partition.

(screenshot of quantian_0.5.9.2: XEmacs/ESS, R, Rmetrics,
custom background

CHAOS   Compact, secure, and  straight-forward.  Ian Latter's CHAOS is a CD-based Linux and openMosix cluster distribution.  The CHAOS distribution fits on a single business card sized CD-ROM.  This tiny disc will boot any i586 class PC (that supports CD booting), into a working openMosix node, without disturbing (or even touching) the contents of any local hard disk. Ideal for large-scale ad hoc clusters, once booted, CHAOS runs from memory allowing the CD to be used on the next node (and allowing for automated rebooting into the host OS).  CHAOS aims to be the most compact, secure and straight-forward openMosix cluster platform available.  



 Paul Gray's bootable cluster cd (BCCD) provides a boot-up openMosix clustering solution that is intended primarily for cluster computing education.  It's motivation is undergraduate institutions with lots of W2K labs, but no funds to purchase or staff a cluster. Clustering Education! What better way than to show off what openMosix can do?

Clustering Education!   How to setup a wonderful openMosix cluster using the BCCD.


 grendelsbane, An Instant Dragon Slaying openMosix Live CD-based Distribution

Dirk Westfal's grendelsbane Live Linux CD  is a Dragon Slaying openMosix Live CD-based Distribution based upon RedHat that creates an instant openMosix cluster (or adds an openMosix node). It is a Knoppix' like universal "run-from-CD" Linux distribution, but this can boot and run openMosix from the CD.  And now comes Basilisk, a monster GUI (X/KDE Workstation) node with a HISS.

first screenshot Boot Jaromil Rastafari's dyne:bolic CD and you have an openMosix Cluster for multimedia production.  You can manipulate and broadcast both sound and video with tools to record, edit, encode and stream, all using only free software!  One of the very first to cluster x-boxes. or  An openMosix Multimedia Studio CD

 Using Blender with openMosix and dyne:bolic walks you through building an openMosix dyne:bolic cluster with step by step instructions.  

targeted at multimedia production 

MedirinLinux and openMosix

a floppy distro for spontaneous openMosix cluster building in obsolete hardware   Simone Vellei's eucaristOS is a Linux distribution for spontaneous openMosix cluster building in obsolete hardware. This is a mini-distribution and it's entirely contained in a standard 1.44Mb foppy.

  Gary's openMosix Floppy (GoMF)   Gary Sims' GoMF is a single floppy openMosix Linux mini-distro designed to quickly add CPU/Memory resources to an openMosix cluster. The floppy includes the auto discovery daemon and some user tools like mosctl, mosrun, mosmon, mps, setpe.

J Silverman's Clusterix is a Morphix-like Live-CD distro of openMosix.

  SENTINIX, a distribution designed for monitoring, intrusion detection, penetration testing, auditing, statistics/graphing and anti-spam.Sentinix is a CD distribution for monitoring, auditing, and intrusion detection.
mirror    Gmane   Article   The package includes: Nagios, Nagat, Snort, SnortCenter, ACID, Cacti, RRDTool, Nessus, Postfix, MailScanner, SpamAssassin,  MySQL, Apache, PHP, Perl, Python and lots more.  openMosix is running when the system is installed.   The installed network/service monitoring tools are pre-configured, started and working as soon as it boots.  Install Sentinix inside your cluster's firewall and you are monitoring the nodes of an openMosix cluster (currently, you be using the same kernel-version/config).

openMosixLOAF, adds cluster nodes in an instant.  Michel Blomgren's openMosixLOAF is a single floppy openMosix Linux mini-distribution designed for diskless systems. 

real screen shots


Hannes Mayer  -  Linux Cluster with openMosix - Your own boot CD

How to build your own boot CD using Martin Purschke's Setup/Boot CD



These openMosix based distributions are the works of a great openMosix Community of developers that share their contributions.  The distributions run the gambit from Add-A-Node Boot Floppies/Diskettes to amazingly complete collections of openMosix cluster friendly application software.  Plus, they boot to an openMosix Application Cluster. 


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