Help Identify your openMosix Linked Site with openMosix.

If (and only if) your site has links from the openMosix Project, please add the following code to your pages:  

<A href=""> <IMG src="" width="110" height="34" border="0" alt=" Logo" /></A>

<A href=""> <IMG src=";type=1" width="88" height="31" border="0" alt=" Logo" /></A>

This will help identify your pages with openMosix and include your openMosix pages in the openMosix Site Statistics.

The following images will appear on your pages: Logo Logo

This SF image is the least intrusive of the available SF images.  Other SF images are available by changing the type parameter.  View alternates here.  Only pages identified with group_id=46729 will be counted.  Alternate openMosix logo images are available here.