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openMosix Project 

This is a collection of the Add-On Applications, HowTo Pages, Documents, Code Snippets, and other contributions from the openMosix Community.  These may be packaged tools for installation or use, GUI interfaces, special patches or work-a-rounds, or perhaps just a helpful explanation.  
Matthias Rechenburg
openMosixview, an openMosix-cluster management GUIopenMosixview is an openMosix-cluster management GUI.  The openMosixview suite contains useful applications for monitoring and administrating an openMosix cluster.  fmII

Olexander Sudakov and Eugeniy Meshcheryakov  -  CHeckPOinting for linuX

CHeckPOinting for linuX, CHPOX, provides Checkpointing for openMosix.  CHPOX is SMP safe, works as kernel module, and needs no patch, recompilation, or relinking. 

It transparently dumps the state of specified process (or process group) into a disk file. The processes may be restarted from that file at the point they were dumped. For now it supports: virtual memory, CPU & FPU registers, regular files, terminal state, current directory, pipes, Unix sockets, and multiple non-interacting processes.  fmII

Enrico Mastrostefano  -  The Hydra Project integrates automatic CHPOX into a simple script based queuing system.

Enrico has documented and shared his scripts for building and maintaining an openMosix cluster that uses many of our openMosix Community's contributions.  Hydra adds a simple queuing script to manage process submission and provide automatic CHeckPOinting for linuX.  Hydra even takes a Checkpoint as the UPS shuts down the cluster during a power failure. 

Matthias Rechenburg The chpox - Checkpointing Utility and How to Use It 

Matt's Review and How To (with examples) for Olexander Sudakov and Eugeniy Meshcheryakov's  CHPOX, CHeckPOinting for linuX.  

Ian Latter  -  Instant openMosix 
                      How to build a working openMosix cluster without touching a compiler

provides a basic, step-by-step process for installing a working openMosix cluster, using only an off-the-shelf Linux distribution [Fedora Core 1 (Yarrow)] and two 2.4.26 openMosix RPMs.

Includes numerous screenshots, hints for resolving openMosix config issues and network config issues.

gomd Project Team - general openMosix daemon

gomd is a daemon which executes commands and gathers information from the nodes of an openMosix cluster. 

This is a complete C/C++ rewrite (plus extension) of the Java openMosixInfoServer daemon from Gian Paolo Ghilardi's openMosixApplet. The gomd library will support C/C++ and Java monitoring applications such as openMosixView, openMosixApplet, openMosixWebView, and 3dmosmon.

The gomd Team includes Johnny Cache, Mirko Caserta, Massimo Fierro, Gian Paolo Ghilardi, Ramon Pons Vivanco, Brian Pontz, Roel Baardman, Michael Imhof, Wim Vandersmissen, Marco Marocco, Higor Alves, and Matthias Rechenburg.  The project is still seeking additional core developers, contrib developers (to provide interfaces/classes interacting with gomd in any language), and beta testers.

The project is mainly targeted at those who develop monitoring software for openMosix clusters, but super-users will find use for the programming API as well.  Binary and source packages for Mandrake, Redhat, SuSE and Debian.  Also there is an ebuild for Gentoo available.

Michael Imhof and Michael Andrews  -  
          openMosix Cluster on Gentoo
and Diskless Nodes with Gentoo

For the Linux newbie, these user friendly HOWTOs will help you create an openMosix cluster using diskless Gentoo Linux nodes.  Reviewed by Sven Vermeulen and Xavier Neys.

Translations are available for:   openMosix Cluster on Gentoo (HowTo)
English openMosix Cluster on Gentoo
Danish: openMosix Cluster på Gentoo
French: Grappe de calcul openMosix et Gentoo
German: openMosix Cluster unter Gentoo
Italian: openMosix e nodi Diskless
Japanese:  Gentooを用いたopenMosixクラスター環境構築
Russian: Кластер openMosix на Gentoo
Spanish: openMosix y Nodos sin disco
Also consider a Google site search. e.g., openMosix fr site: for other languages and documents.

Translations are available for: Diskless Nodes with Gentoo (HowTo)
Diskless Nodes with Gentoo
Gentoo sur des machines sans disque
Diskfrie noder med Gentoo
Postazioni diskless usando Gentoo Linux


Matthias Rechenburg  -  openMosix API

No, you need not change your programs to use openMosix.  But, this documentation about the openMosix API (Application Programming Interface) will explain in detail what you need to know to create your own openMosix applications such as Matt's openMosixview. 

Examples are provided in several "common-languages" (shell, perl, php, c/c++).  You will find functions which you can use directly in your code.  It will also enhance your knowledge about your cluster and help you with administration.

Matthias Rechenburg - openMosix Stress-Test

The openMosix stress-test runs several programs to check the functionality and stability of the whole system.  When the testing completes, a detailed report about each tested component will be generated.

Dmitry Katsubo  -  Official openMosix RU Mirror 


Dmitry Katsubo - Using openMosix Clustering System for Building a Distributed Computing Environment

A comprehensive Russian language review of openMosix related documents that is intended to be a guide to openMosix. This paper is concerned with the principles of openMosix functioning, usage and configuration, plus results of performance testing, many examples, comments, and the author's experience.  

D. Aaron Freed a.k.a. Vance Morgan - KludgeKollection

This collection of shell-scripts and programs for openMosix includes automation of the answer for two most frequently asked questions, setting up password-less ssh and rsh.  

do_ssh is the centerpiece of the KludgeKollection.  It enables password-less ssh for ONE user on a host.  It is designed to be run by any user on a host, and it enables password-less access to all the hosts listed in do_ssh_host for only the user running the program. 

Aaron and Vance encourage you to submit your own programs to the KludgeKollection!


Ramon Pons Vivanco - openMosixWebView

A PHP script for monitoring an openMosix cluster via the WEB.  Uses openMosixview's openMosixCollector logs. fmII


Carlos Santos - NCBI BLAST Patch

With this patch to enable BLAST to run without several conflicting features enabled by default, openMosix provides a transparent and very convenient mechanism for migrating BLAST processes across the cluster and load balancing without needing to link in special libraries or re-engineer existing code.

William Daniau - LTSP openMosix

The popular LTSP-MOSIX Ported to openMosix. 

James Jensen - LTSP + openMosix: Integration How-To

This document will provide details (via an example set-up) of combining the openMosix 2.4.18-4 clustering system with the K12LTSP 2.1.1 distribution, an innovative GNU/Linux distribution based on RedHat 7.3 & LTSP 3.0.x (a set of Open Source software packages from the Linux Terminal Server Project that makes diskless workstations work).

Yingzhi Zhang and Troy Jones - Gentoo Linux + openMosix + LTSP Guide

Includes such topics as how to deal with the gcc version issue, plus lots of useful reference information for Gentoo.

Richard Camp - K12LTSP + openMosix RPMs

RPM packages are now available for setting up openMosix with K12LTSP.  The SLOBIAN CLUSTER PACKAGE VERSION 1.1b 11/3/2002 installs openMosix 2.4.18-4 on a K12LTSP 2.1.1 server.

Ding Wei - In Chinese: How to build low cost computing cluster with openMosix article

HowTo plus useful information on LTSP client node, FAQ, cluster type, SETI@home and the openMosix/Mosix story.   The .pdf version does not require Chinese Character Set to view.  Ding has a very well documented this LTSP 3.0.1 + openMosix 2.4.18-2 installation with photos of his cluster, screen prints, and more.  

Matthias Rechenburg - User Mode openMosix

User Mode openMosix is a virtual openMosix cluster running in User-mode.

Jean Laganiere - RxLinux

RxLinux centralizes configuration and management of multiple openMosix linux servers. New servers can be deployed in minutes. A web interface is used to build custom iso cdrom dedicated for specific servers. Server, also called rxnodes, boot up from that cdrom and get the rest of configuration and software from a master server. No administration is done directly on nodes. 

Andrew Balaam - Sussex openMosix Cluster Project (SoMCP

was founded to build a supercomputer from the computer resources surrounding us at the University of Sussex.

Johnny Cache - 3dmosmon  3d-GL/GLU version of mosmon screen shot

3dmosmon is a three dimensional replacement for the mosmon program. It comes with a client-server model so that users don't actually have to run an OpenGL app on the cluster.  

Satoru Takahashi  -  Japanese openMosix-HOWTO Japanese  

This is the official openMosix HOWTO translated to Japanese.

Yuri Prushinsky and Dmitry Katsubo  -  Russian openMosix-HOWTO    (as single page)  

This is the official openMosix HOWTO translated to Russian.

miKeL a.k.a.mc2 (Miquel Catalán i Coït) - El manual para el clustering con openMosix

Spanish translation of the openMosix HOWTO. 

Il making del Kraken - openMosix for the creation of low-latency, high-efficiency game clusters

This is Luca Fabbro's Cyber Games page documenting the creation of the Kraken openMosix Game Cluster hardware plus Carlo Daffara's paper presented at the first openMosix User Group Meeting covering the software.    

Gian Paolo Ghilardi - FSU-Pthreads and openMosix

Migrating a multithreaded program using a POSIX-compliant user-space library called "FSU-Pthread library".  The whole process (with its threads) was migrated, not just a single thread!  Includes Gian Paolo's test notes.

Gian Paolo Ghilardi - openMosixApplet 

openMosixApplet is a simple Java monitoring tool for openMosix.  fmII

MAASK - Migshm is an experimental DSM patch for openMosix

MAASK stands for Maya, Anu, Asmita, Snehal, Krushna, the developers of Migshm. Also popularly known as MAASK, the Geek Girls;), who a are students of Cummins College of Engineering, University of Pune, India.  Migshm is available for test clusters and is showing great promise.

Kris Buytaert - MigSHM RPMs

Kris gives us an easy way to apply the MigSHM patch. (This is an additional patch to the openMosix kernel patch.)

Matthias Rechenburg - openMosixblaster, the first openMosix-cluster game

It is a "shoot+migrate" game for "funny administration" (.... and funny adminstrators)
It is created by tweaking the orignal "perlblaster"
from "David's Perl Games" collection.


Ernst Rohlicek jun. - wmomload

wmomload is a simple, but handy and small dockapp for overviewing the load of cluster nodes in a small openMosix-based cluster.

Dirk Westfal - grendelsbane Live Linux CD 

A Dragon Slaying openMosix Live CD-based Distribution based upon RedHat that creates an instant openMosix cluster (or adds an openMosix node). It is a Knoppix' like universal "run-from-CD" Linux distribution, but this can boot and run openMosix from the CD.  And now comes Basilisk, a monster GUI (X/KDE Workstation) node with a HISS.

Ian Latter  -  CHAOS is a supercomputer for your wallet.

CHAOS is a CD-based Linux and openMosix cluster distribution.  The CHAOS distribution fits on a single business card sized CD-ROM.  This tiny disc will boot any i586 class PC (that supports CD booting), into a working openMosix node, without disturbing (or even touching) the contents of any local hard disk. Ideal for large-scale ad hoc clusters, once booted, CHAOS runs from memory allowing the CD to be used on the next node (and allowing for automated rebooting into the host OS).  CHAOS aims to be the most compact, secure and straight-forward openMosix cluster platform available. 

Ian Latter  -  White Paper - Security and openMosix 

Securely deploying openMosix over an untrusted networking infrastructure using IPSEC (Network Level Encryption and Authentication).  This includes the background information for the alternate openMosix node autodiscovery (tyd) available for using CHAOS with ClusterKnoppix.  

Or in Ian's words, "This white paper explores the openMosix network architecture, network level risk mitigation techniques for the redeployment of organizational infrastructure in 'open' clusters, a practical application of those techniques in the CHAOS and ClusterKnoppix Linux distributions, and proposals for extending both the security model and the flexibility of the openMosix architecture."


Patricia Campbell  -  Securing an openMosix Cluster

Tricia's GSEC Certification paper on Open Source clustering and Open Source security.

Evan Turner  -  openMosix Migration Encryption Patch

Evan's kernel patch will enable encryption on all the data and information that migrates between openMosix nodes, specifically ports 0x3214 and 0x3415.  (This will not encrypt any non-openMosix related traffic.)

Ian Latter  -  HowTo Run ClusterKnoppix or Quantian with CHAOS

In Ian's words, "HowTo: Heterogeneous Clusters: Running ClusterKnoppix as a Master Node to a CHAOS Drone Army".  Boot a ClusterKnoppix (or Quantian) "master node" from CD and then boot CHAOS "drone nodes" from CD.  It take less than a minute to securely add another CHAOS "drone node" using unicast for autodiscovery (you key in the IP of the "master node" or an already connected "drone node"),  packet filtering and IPSEC tunnels for "no user intervention required" security.

Wim Vandersmissen - ClusterKnoppix

ClusterKnoppix is a full openMosix Cluster + Knoppix + XFree + openMosixview bootable CD which can be a 'terminal server' that allows clients to boot over the network by PXE.  (new, alternate autodiscovery for CHAOS) fmII

Dirk Eddelbuettel - Quantian Scientific Computing Cluster 

Quantian is a Scientific Computing Environment based upon ClusterKnoppix.  Provides an instant cluster of mathematical+scientific workstations from a bootable CD.  Most of the included software packages have a demo-section making Quantian extremely useful for demonstrations.  fmII

Michel Blomgren - openMosixLOAF  

A single floppy openMosix Linux mini-distribution designed for diskless systems.  fmII

Jaromil Rastafari - 

Boot the dyne:bolic CD and you have an openMosix Cluster for multimedia production.  You can manipulate and broadcast both sound and video with tools to record, edit, encode and stream, all using only free software! 
Paul Gray  -    Bootable Cluster CD 
The bootable cluster cd (BCCD) provides a boot-up openMosix clustering solution that is intended primarily for cluster computing education.  It's motivation is undergraduate institutions with lots of W2K labs, but no funds to purchase or staff a cluster. Clustering Education! What better way than to show off what openMosix can do?

Matthias Rechenburg - HowTo Create Movies on Your openMosix Cluster Imaging Example

Matt presents another great openMosix HowTo.  Includes everything you need other than "Ready on the set, and action"!


Matthias Rechenburg  - the openMosix-loadmeter  aka, legometer

Matt's openMosix loadmeter is an external, analog measuring device which shows the mean openMosix-cluster load.
Build your own "geeky eye-catcher" with your Lego Mindstorm Kit.

Matthias Rechenburg  - bubbleload, a tiny, bubbling, multi-purpose system monitor

The bubbleload monitor is a tiny, nice and multi-purpose system-monitoring application connectable to any data-source in an easy way.

Matthias Rechenburg  - packMann the first openMosix packMann

Matt's self-made wearable computer is an openMosix node.  Or, does that make Matt an openMosix node?

Eric Lorimer - openMosix 2.4.20 ptrace patch

This is the patch at modified to apply against the openMosix patched kernel.


Mark Fassler - mosrun patch to mpich

This patch allows you to make mpich use mosrun rather than rsh.  It is an advantage for every mpich-program running on an openMosix cluster.

Kris Buytaert - openMosix and FireWire

A review of an openMosix cluster with a FireWire based network. 

Kevin Landreth  - openMosix 2.4.22-1 + Robert Love's Variable HZ timing kernel patch.

openMosix 2.4.22-1 + Robert Love's (rml) Variable HZ timing kernel patch.  This patch emulates 2.6 style HZ timing and will increase overall performance.  Patch your Kernel with openMosix 2.4.22-1 then apply this patch.

a CD distribution for monitoring, auditing, intrusion detection
Gmane   Article

Sentinix includes:  Nagios, Nagat, Snort, SnortCenter, ACID, Cacti, RRDTool, Nessus, Postfix, MailScanner, SpamAssassin,  MySQL, Apache, PHP, Perl, Python and lots more.  openMosix is running when the system is installed.   The installed network/service monitoring tools are pre-configured, started and working as soon as it boots.  Install Sentinix inside your cluster's firewall and you are monitoring the nodes of an openMosix cluster (currently, you be using the same kernel-version/config).  

Bachman Kharazmi - openMosix + XFS - mini-HowTo

A mini-HowTo about adding XFS support in your openMosix 2.4.22 kernel.

Proyecto Cisilia  -  Cisilia Project    (English Version)

El cisilia es un sistema de obtención de contraseñas multiproceso.  (under R&D Project look for Cisilia.)

Andrew D. Martin and Kevin A. Croker - Clustered Computing for Political Science

Many Political Science problems are are computationally expensive and benefit from openMosix' transparent operation and ease of deployment.

Kevin Croker  -  Auto-Assimilating Diskless Cluster HowTo

A step-by-step explanation of how to set up your own auto-assimilating diskless GNU/Linux cluster.  This document starts with a very basic introduction and increases in technical level while guiding you though selection of hardware, software, installation, and configuration of this special type of cluster capable of estimating large statistical models using simulation, including Supreme Court justice decisions
Kevin's autocluster is an alternative to openMosix' auto-discovery.

Cristiano De Michele  -  openMosix LoadCpuLimit HowTo

How To use openMosix' ability to restrict the load imposed by the various processes running on an openMosix cluster. Through the use of the various parameters relating to LOADLIMIT, it is possible to prevent a node from being overwhelmed by jobs running on it. It is now possible to specify how much CPU time a particular node will allow to be consumed by openMosix jobs running on it, so as to control exactly what load that node will accept and to forcibly migrate any jobs that impose too great a load away to other nodes.

Mikko Huhtala  -  Simple Job Queuing

A sample script in Python implements a simple job queue. The commands to be executed are stored in a list ('queue') and the nodes on which to run them in a second list ('nodes'). The script executes the jobs one after another locked to the nodes listed, waiting for the previous job to finish before starting a new one.

Long jobs could be queued so that they are started on the home node and allowed to migrate instead.

Jozef Ivanecky  - 

Launch a task on any remote node but not home node.  Similar to runon but it checks all running nodes and then automatically creates a correct list for mosrun -j option, including all nodes in state 3 but not home node.  Since using this script everything (high IO task on LTSP) is running better - no problem with flooding home node - and also much faster.

Sean Jewett  --  Electric Mayhem, RIMBoy's Cluster

Ripping in Music City!  Sean's Electric Mayhem is a most unusual openMosix cluster.

Roberto Premoli  -  Presentazione di un Cluster openMosix

is a Presentation Introducing openMosix (Italian)


Lo scopo di questo scritto é la tracciatura passo-passo delle operazioni necessarie alla creazione di un cluster openMosix usando DEBIAN e patchando manualemte il kernel. (openMosix Debian HowTo Italian)


Ecco qui un howto per creare un cluster openMosix indipendentemente dalla distro presente sui nodi.

Roberto Premoli  -  Prestational Tests on an openMosix Cluster

Scope of this paper is to take track of different level of prestations of a cluster of 4 nodes, in function of network topology (Italian and English version)

Lo scopo di questo scritto e' la tracciatura dei differenti livelli prestazionali forniti da un cluster di 4 PC, in funzione della topologia di rete con la quale verranno interconnesse le macchine. (Italian and English version)

Presentation (Italian)


Evan Hisey    openMosix for Slackware

Barnowl's Current Slackware 9.x packages

Alessandro Bonfanti  -  POVmosix = ( Povray + openMosix ) ^ ( qt * kde )

is a tool designed to provide parallel Povray rendering in an openMosix environment.  POVmosix splits the scene into a set of sub-jobs which can be migrated by openMosix for rendering.  When all sub-jobs are finished, the completed scene image is generated. 

Ryan Kaulakis -  A Brief Introduction to Commodity Clustering

Discarded Equipment + Gentoo Linux + openMosix = Zero Cost Clustering  (El CID, Cluster In Development)

Andreas Schäfer and Christian Kauhaus  -  openMosix / coLinux Integration Project

How to set up and run coLinux with openMosix.  This will enable you to integrate a coLinux virtual machine into your existing openMosix cluster.

Ian Latter  -  CosMos

CosMos is CHAOS-OS on Microsoft-OS)

Christian Kauhaus and Andreas Schäfer  -  HARPY: A Virtual Machine Based Approach to High-Throughput Cluster Computing

Named for the Harpy Eagle, an aggressive hunter, the openMosix based HARPY hunts for idle Windows PC resources.

Etienne Bagnoud  -  coMosix

coMosix is the mix of coLinux, openMosix and some other Linux hack to create an easy to use clustering solution. coMosix provides a simple (silent-)installer that can be "thrown" over a Windows Network!

Simone Vellei  -  eucaristos  -  eucaristOS 

eucaristOS is a Linux distribution for spontaneous openMosix cluster building in obsolete hardware. This is a mini-distribution and it's entirely contained in a standard 1.44Mb foppy.

Ivan Adzhubey  -  openMosix BLAST Survival Guide 

Ivan's mini-HOWTO summarizing his experience with Sun Grid Engine plus oM/MFS/DFSA for distributed BLAST.


Auke Kok  -  Setting up and maintaining an OpenMosix Cluster with lunar.

Describes the methods that have been used to setup, control and maintain an openMosix cluster with Lunar-Linux.

Cluster Xbox  -  The World's Largest Xbox Cluster

Cluster Xbox intends to have the largest Xbox openMosix cluster built from Xbox game consoles.  dyne:bolic had our first report of openMosix on Xbox, but Cluster Xbox goes for the largest Xbox cluster.  When completed this project will be donated for educational use. must change its name.  Suggest a new name via email: submit at


Hannes Mayer  -  Linux Cluster with openMosix - Your own boot CD

How to build your own boot CD using Martin Purschke's Setup/Boot CD

Gary Sims - Gary's openMosix Floppy (GoMF)

GoMF is a single floppy openMosix Linux mini-distro designed to quickly add CPU/Memory resources to an openMosix cluster. The floppy includes the auto discovery daemon and some user tools like mosctl, mosrun, mosmon, mps, setpe.

J Silverman - Clusterix

Is a Morphix-like Live-CD distro of openMosix.

David Black and Tony Travis  -  sys_time() patch allows execution of the function on the current node

Programs that frequently execute the sys_time function, such as SETI@home, show remarkable improvements by executing this clock function on the current openMosix node. 

WARNING: It is critical to sync all the clocks in the cluster.

(Typical of many openMosix contributions, this innovations benefits from stepwise improvements.  David Black's original patch was improved by Vincent Hanquez (Tab), then by Tony Travis.)

SETI@home Group  -  Is SETI a great application for demonstrating openMosix?  It does not really matter; many openMosix users love contributing to the Search and SETI runs on their clusters.  If you contribute to SETI, why not join the openMosix SETI@home Group? RC5-72 / Team #940185940RC5-72 Team  -  RSA Labs' 72bit RC5 Encryption Challenge.  Want to help win the prize?

Protein folding can be viewed as a connection between the genome and what the proteins actually do.  Folding@home does not migrate, but we do it anyway.  

Daniel "Fremen" Llewellyn  -  Fremen's openMosix Benchmark Tool

is a small utility that can be used to test how well an openMosix cluster performs under stress.

Markus Neteler  -  New image processing tools for GRASS

A high performance solution for image classification in GRASS at meso-scale and high spatial resolution. A script-based approach to run standard GRASS on an openMosix cluster (20 PCs, 40 CPUs) has been implemented to classify multispectral color orthophotos with SMAP algorithm.

Vera and Devin Lindsay  -  Digital Elevation Model Terrain Analysis

Digital Elevation Model Terrain Analysis, creating a line of site raster from a specified point with openMosix.

Andrea Capriotti  -  Introduction to Quantian

R, Octave, Maxima, GSL, QuantLib, Grass, OpenDX, Tex, and openMosix.

Lars O. Grobe  -  Distributed Rendering with Ranimate

Using Ranimate to distribute Single Frame Rendering Processes in an openMosix Cluster.

g_remlin  -  openMosix User Space Cluster Daemon

omuscd is for use with the openMosix 2.6

Wes Wagner  -  Simple Open Mosix 2.6

The Simple Open Mosix 2.6 project is an effort to continue the porting work started by the Open Mosix team to support all major architectures on the latest 2.6 linux kernels.

Your Name - Your Contribution to openMosix

Description of your contribution could be here.

If you prefer, an anonymous FAQ or HowTo Contribution is always welcome.  (You can post your contribution to the openMosixWiki to help us include your work.)



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