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Welcome to openMosixWiki, Our Documentation Collaboration site.

Contribute to openMosix Documentation, FAQ, and HowTo pages; note What Migrates and What Does Not; or Post a Link to your openMosix related site. 

Our Wiki site does not replace our official FAQ and HowTo pages, but the openMosix Wiki site will allow a high degree of interaction without as much email as traditional collaborations. 

If you see something wrong or missing, please fix it. The rules are few, just no copyrighted material please (unless it is your own).  Wiki is simple and fast, so jump in and give us a hand.

Contributions: openMosix FAQ, openMosix HowTo, and Links to openMosix related sites.
 Applications: What Migrates and What Does Not?  Plus, what Ineffectively Migrates?

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