The openMosix Roadmap and Plan

Folks, with the slurry of new patches and new subsystems for openMosix, I feel I should clarify once again the product roadmap for openMosix over the next 6-12 months. 

As with any OpenSource project, the execution of this plan can be slowed down or accelerated (more likely) with the availability of contributors. 

The goal of openMosix remains the same: to provide an easy-to-use (transparent), highly efficient (load balancing), HPC platform for Linux with easy extendibility (/proc, distros) and a strong, vibrant community around it. openMosix aims at becoming the standard SSI system in use today (already a fact) and tomorrow, and integration into the next version of Linux is a possibility. 

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Detailed Plan

We will not release any new 2.4.22 versions (2.24.22-3 is last).
2.4.24 release is pending test and review.

2.4.26 release will be the last official openMosix release for 2.4 and after that, we'll move to 2.6.
2.4.26 is to be oMFS-less, adds the mighsm compile-time option, and features-checker. 
In 2.4.26 we will also eliminate oMFS support. oMFS will, in time, be replaced by integration with oGFS, Lustre, PVFS.

migshm, should become compile-time option in 2.4.26 and in 2.6, pending the work to be done to make the patch more stable (by Christiano).

We do not plan on any new platform ports other than AMD 64bit Opteron port for the time being. (Itanium patch should work for older kernel, but it would require porting to newer kernels.)

For 2.6, we are (in summary):
Moving all code we can from kernel to user-space, but zero configuration operation is still the goal, just as in 2.4.
Separating arch dependant/independent code. 
2.6 has arch directories with preliminary code for PPC, I86-64 etc., but openMosix stable releases will be not be made available for those platforms.
openMosix stable will only be available for i386 and, eventually, for the AMD Opteron. 
Plus, there will be cleanups or a total rewrite of some parts. 
openGFS is a long-term goal, but not immediate for 2.6.
Integration of InfiniBand drivers. 

Stable Release: When we stamp RPM out of our CVS that becomes the new stable release. The latest released RPMs are built from what we consider to be stable at the time.  Neither Tab's, Kris', Cristiano's patches, nor the current CVS are to be considered stable. The only stable openMosix RPMs are the ones on the openMosix website. 

as of 6/7/2004

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