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    Project Manager:
                                   Moshe Bar      

                                   Danny Getz 
                                   Louis Zechtzer
                                   Martin Hoy
                                   Moshe Bar
                                   Brian Pontz
                                   Bruce Knox
                                   David Santo Orcero
                                   Matthias Rechenburg
                                   Maurizio Davini
                                   Michael Farnbach

Project Member List



This site is in addition to whatever you find at and in full appreciation and respect for Prof. Barak's leadership in the outstanding Mosix project .

I myself have been involved for a number of years with the Mosix project ( and was co-project manager of the Mosix project and general manager of the commercial Mosix company.

After a difference of  opinions on the commercial future of Mosix, I have started a new clustering company - Qlusters, Inc. - and Prof. Barak has decided not to participate for the moment in this venture (although he did seriously consider joining) and held long running negotiations with investors. It appears that Mosix is not any longer supported openly as a GPL project. Because there is a significant user base out there (about 1000 installations world-wide), I have decided to continue the development and support of the Mosix project under a new name,  openMosix under the full GPL2 license. Whatever code in openMosix comes from the old Mosix project is Copyright 2002 by Amnon Bark. All the new code is Copyright 2002 by Moshe Bar.